Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Makes Me Blu

*Sorry for the extended delay. Along with some issues with school I've taken on an internship at Summer of the Arts so I have to dedicate the majority of my time.*

I recently picked up the new Toy Story Blu-Ray's, excited to finally enjoy two films from the end of my childhood (before explosions and four letter words were necessary to entertain me in my teen years). While I definitely got a solid deal on the pair of films, I was also forced to pay for the DVD versions of the films, which will never see the light of day. I also noticed the DVD versions are also sold with the Blu-Ray version, making the size of the box, the only difference.

More studios are including DVD and Digital Copy versions of their films with a Blu-Ray release and while I understand the need to reach a wider audience with the high-def format but I have some problems paying for more than I want and different studios are taking different routes.


Overall the least offensive of the studios and part of that has to do with their market. As a company that specializes in family entertainment and few households have one blu-ray player and it probably doesn't sit in the kids playroom. Throw in the DVD player that sits in the family minivan and the standard-def inclusion makes sense...for those who want the option.

Pixar's Up is one of my favorites from last year and also one of the prettiest. I'd love to pick up a copy in glorious 1080p but unfortunately the only option for blu-ray owners is to drop around $30-35. The "four disc" set include a blu-ray copy of the movie, the blu-ray special features, a dvd version of the film and a digital copy. Before the DVD combo pack was a big hit, Pixar's previous entry Wall-E came with the blu-ray disc, a second disc for blu-ray special features. Customers also had the option to buy the film with a digital copy but i gladly ignored.

If Disney is intent on keeping its DVD combo packs for a long time, (and it appears they are), then they should consider abandoning digital copy. Or make a special dvd version that can be copied to a computer one time. I don't know if it would save the consumer money but it's worth a shot.


MGM is the newest studio to sprain their ankle by jumping on the multi-format bandwagon by releasing and re-releasing some of their blu-ray catalog with a DVD version.

The studios must really be worried that people didn't make the leap to Blu-Ray last holiday season the way they all bought HDTV's. I only ask that they don't increase the price to an already expensive new format.

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